The publishers of weird fiction are as vast and unique as the weird tradition itself. Below is a list of just some of the companies printing the fiction and non-fiction we dote on so rabidly.

  • Arkham House – The original specialty publisher of all things weird and lovecraftian. They still reprint and sell many of their titles through their website.
  • Ash-Tree Press – Based out of British Columbia, this insanely prolific company has published a vast array of supernatural fiction from the obscure to the essential.
  • Bad Moon Books –  Retailer and publisher. They have a large online store containing books from many different publishers and have published titles by authors Clive Barker and Thomas Ligotti.
  • Cemetery Dance Publications – This twenty-five year old specialty publisher is a leader in the field, having published works by just about every living popular horror author you can think of.
  • Centipede Press – While most of their titles are high in price, they’re also very high in quality. Publishers of the annual journal the Weird Fiction Review.
  • Chaosium – While mostly know for their world famous role playing game Call of Cthulhu, they are also responsible for a large output of new and classic mythos fiction.
  • Dark Region/Dark Renaissance – Producers of a variety of book styles. They have also launched a number of successful and compelling Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.
  • Elder Signs Press – Publishers of the latest edition of the invaluable Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia. Sadly, while they still publish, they have not updated their page in years.
  • Fedogan & Bremer – Their small but excellent output of titles includes several mythos anthologies, including the excellently titled Searchers After Horror.
  • Gauntlet Press – This Colorado based publisher has produced an exhaustive number of titles from author Richard Matheson, as well as numerous volumes devoted to the scripts of The Twilight Zone.
  • Hippocampus Press – The leading producer of Lovecraft reference material including collected letters and critical essays. They also produce the journals Lovecraft Annual, Dead Reckonings, and Spectral Realms.
  • Innsmouth Free Press – A Canadian micro-press that specializes in horror and weird fiction, including the first ever all female anthology of Lovecraftian fiction.
  • Miskatonic River Press – Producers of a number of excellent anthologies including two in homage to Robert W. Chambers and Thomas Ligotti.
  • Necronomicon Press – Publisher of a large number of important, early weird fanzines and critical journals. While they no longer produce new content, much of their back catalog or curios is still available through their website.
  • Night Shade Books – This one time independent, now corporate controlled company is responsible for the five volume series The Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson and The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith.
  • P’rea Press – An Australian small press publisher founded in 2007 that specializes in weird and fantastic poetry and non-fiction.
  • PS Publishing – The leading British specialty publisher of weird and horror fiction. They are constantly churning out titles of value and interest including the new Lovecraft Illustrated series.
  • Subterranean Press – This prominent Michigan based specialty publisher is know for regularly releasing works from authors such as Joe R. Lansdale, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Joe Hill, Thomas Ligotti, Clive Barker, and many other genre luminaries.
  • Swan River Press – Dedicated to Irish literary genre traditions, they have produced volumes on writers such as Jesph Sheridan Le Fanu, Mervyn Peake and others.
  • Tartarus Press – Publishers of a vast array of collectible hardcovers all featuring simple cream colored dust jackets, one cannot help but be impressed by their simple style and large output.
  • Ulthar Press – Home of Sargasso: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies and publishers of other weird short story anthologies.
  • Word Horde –  Publisher of a wide variety of weird anthologies and novels.

If you feel a publisher is missing from this list and needs to be on it, simply shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment below.


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