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Dagon Graphic Novel Kickstarter Ending in 37 Hours

For those not in the know, comic artist Ben Templesmith launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new book commemorating the 125th birthday of H. P. Lovecraft. Watch the video below and read the description to get the low down.

Here’s what the Kickstarter page has to say about the book:

DAGON is a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft in July 1917 and one of his earliest published works. The story is the testament of a tortured, morphine-addicted man who plans to commit suicide over an incident that occurred early on in World War I when he was a merchant marine officer. It’s an amazingly powerful and visceral story whose concepts and creatures directly connect to Lovecraft’s later and far more famous Cthulhu works.

DAGON will be adapted and drawn by Ben Templesmith, New York Times best selling comic book artist who is Co-Creator of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT with Steve Niles and FELL with Warren Ellis, as well as Creator of WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE, THE SQUIDDER, and WELCOME TO HOXFORD. This story has preoccupied and haunted Ben since he first read it 20 plus years ago, a time before he’d published any of his own work or knew that he ever would.

You can check out all the pledge levels and other cool stuff over at the book’s Kickstarter page. Pledge now and secure your copy of what looks to be an awesome book.


Alan Moore’s Providence

On March 5th, the website Bleeding Cool posted an interview with writer Alan Moore concerning his new Lovecraft inspired comic book series Providence. This is not Moore’s first comic to deal with the themes and writings of HPL. Back in 2012, Moore’s comic Necronomicon won the first ever Bram Stoker award in the newly created graphic novel category. The following is a description of Providence, taken from Avatar Press’ website.

The most important work of 2015 begins here with the long-Providence01-Portraitawaited arrival of Alan Moore’s breathtaking epic PROVIDENCE with his artistic partner Jacen Burrows. In his most carefully considered work in decades, Moore deconstructs all of Lovecraft’s concepts, reinventing the entirety of his work inside a painstakingly researchedProvidence01-Pantheonframework of American history. Both sequel and prequel to NEONOMICON, PROVIDENCE begins in 1919 and blends the mythical visions of HPL flawlessly into the cauldron of racial and sexual intolerance that defined that era on the East Coast of America. Every line from artist Jacen Burrows is perfectly honed to complete this immersive experience. The result is a breathtaking masterpiece of sequential art that will define modern horror for this generation. Invoking a comparison it to a prior literary masterpiece is not something to be handled lightly, but in scope, importance and execution: Providence is the Watchmen of horror.

Providence01-WomenofHPLMoore has designed every cover, every single page, and every nuance of this work to create his most fully-realized vision to date. There are no ads, all 32 pages are written by Moore, and Jacen Burrows has spent the past two years slaving over the finest detail possible on the pages. The entire work is already written, intricately crafted to tie the most nuanced threads together over the breadth of the series. Painstakingly researched, meticulously produced, this is a sequential masterpiece that will serve as important a call to the next generatioProvidence01-Wrapn of comic book writers as Watchmen did 30 years ago: this is a definitive demonstration of just how good a comic book can be. Available with Regular, Pantheon, Portrait, Dreamscape Wraparound, Women of HPL, and a special Ancient Tome Incentive cover, all by collaborator Jacen Burrows.

While I am a big Alan Moore fan, I’ve not read any of his previous HPL inspired comics due to mixed reviews. However, what I’m reading about this new series has peaked my interest and I plan on picking it up and reviewing it here on the site. If you’ve read Moore’s older HPL works please share your opinions in the comments below. I’d like to hear what people have to say. Again, you can check out the interview with Bleeding Cool here.