Thank you for stopping by my blog. If you are a fan of weird fiction, or horror fiction in general, then you know that sites on the subject are anything but uncommon. What then, might you ask, makes this blog any different than the rest? Why bother? As to the why, I believe I have managed to scrape together an answer.

Even before I took an interest in reading, I was always fascinated by tales of the horrific, strange, and fantastic. It was during middle school when I finally learned how fun and fulfilling a good book or story can be. The first victims of my literary assault were almost strictly science fiction novels, the majority being of the media tie-in variety. Not long after, I discovered Poe. Though Poe had always been in the background of my childhood in the form of Vincent Price and Roger Corman films, it wasn’t until I read the genuine article that I became hooked. I read everything by Poe that my teenage attention span would allow. This would become my “gateway drug” to weird literature. I was introduced shortly thereafter to Lovecraft and there was no turning back.

It was my love of Poe and Lovecraft that pushed me to select American Literature as my field of study in college. Ironically, my experience there smothered my interests as much as it fanned them. Even before I began my undergraduate studies I had planned to advance to graduate school in the hopes of one day becoming a professor. However, two factors caused me to discontinue my education beyond a bachelors program. The first was the reality of collegiate departmental politics that I saw my teachers struggling with and the hindrance it provided to not only the education of the students but also the happiness of the staff. In retrospect, I should not have let let this sour me as much as I did. Second, and more significant, was the insular nature of the literary research and writings we were being taught. I knew I wanted to teach literature, but found that the majority of the research I was being asked to churn out wasn’t meant, stylistically at least, for the masses. The value and the necessity of the style of literary studies we were engaged in was never talked about. The process was secondary to the point of the thing. To this day I still struggle with the paradigm of academic literary studies. Thankfully, I’ve found a lot of enjoyment in the current style of research being published in relation to the weird fiction field.

When I began work on this blog, I treated it like the second coming of my literary studies education. However, as time has gone by and my rough draft of articles have maintained a perpetual state of “in construction”, I’ve realized what I’m missing: fun. I like weird fiction because it gives me enjoyment. While it has taken me a long time to realize this, my problem has always been that I take literary criticism too seriously. This doesn’t mean that thoroughness, insight, and proper technique aren’t important. It simply means that, for me, a more casual approach will enhance my enjoyment and potentially be more palatable to the average reader. In this attempt to take myself less serious, I will pass along what I can of the fantastic research being done by scholars, and merge that information with my own occasional insights.

That is a big part of why I am starting this blog. By exploring this field through the forum of the World Wide Web, I can establish a dialogue, either spoken or unspoken, with others out there who share the same interests and perhaps struggle with the same questions. As to what makes this site any different from the rest? Honestly, other than my own intrinsic individualism, I have no idea. Maybe that’s enough.

If you’re still reading I hope you check back occasionally and find some enjoyment in my future ramblings. Also, please visit the links page for other resources you might enjoy. I plan to update the list regularly. Thank you.


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